Cheese Cake Cookies

Feminized photoperiod
Indica effect

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Dosidoss x UK Cheese

What happens when you cross the old with the new? Cheese Cake Cookies from The Kush Brothers Seeds is an excellent example of such a merge. It combines the high THC content of Dosidoss with the nostalgic, stoning effects of UK Cheese. This cultivar lets the mind slip into a state of peace—the perfect option for camping trips, meditation sessions, and cosy nights at home.

Cheese Cake Cookies by The Kush Brothers Seeds features an indica-dominant genetic profile, gorgeous purple flowers and an impressive lineage. One of its parent strains is Dosidoss, a modern indica with high levels of THC. It produces heaps of limonene and exerts a deeply relaxing high. To add even more indica power to the mix, the breeders chose a true classic, UK Cheese. It’s a variety adored for its sour flavours and body-slamming stone that appears after an initial bout of euphoria.

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Cheese Cake Cookies offers all of the benefits of a quintessential indica variety. It maintains a medium height and produces plenty of lateral branches. This shape makes it ideal for cultivation indoors where space is a limiting factor. It does well in small grow tents, and training techniques such as LST and ScrOG improve both its shape and yield. The strain needs 8–9 weeks to complete flowering and offers harvests of up to 500g/m². Outdoors, it’s ready for the shears at the beginning of October and can yield up to 700g per plant.

Pull Cheese Cake Cookies’ nugs from the stash jar when you’re in the mood for something tasty. Its complex terpene profile treats the taste buds to a mix of sweet and sour, with hints of earthy aromas. It only takes a couple of hits to start feeling its indica effects spread all over the body. Prepare yourself for an hour of pure bliss. Its chilled vibe makes it the perfect candidate for smoking sessions around the campfire or times when you just want to stay at home and do nothing.

Cheese Cake Cookies perfectly represents the core principles of The Kush Brothers Seeds. The talented seedbank aims to create hybrids by crossing the best old school and modern varieties available and this cannabis powerhouse goes to show just how well their plan comes to life. It’s a highly resinous strain that will surely please you and make you come back for more.


Type/køn: Feminiserede fotoperiode

Genotype: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

Område: Indendørs

Højde: Medium

Blomstringstid: 56-63 dage

Udbytte: 450-500 g/m2

THC-indhold: Moderat

CBD-indhold: Lavt

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