Hermana de la Noche

Feminized photoperiod
Sativa effect
High Yield

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Super Strain’s new kid had arrived in town!

Hermana de la Noche is a relatively new addition to the feminized seed catalog of Super Strains and she is clearly a potent adversary to the competition. After you exhale that first draw of Hermana de la Noche, you are in danger of being smitten by this Latin lady. Her taste and aroma are simply delicious – perfect for even the most flavor demanding cannabis users out there. Hermana de la Noche is a plant with sativa dominant genes that does require a certain level of skills and a stable environment for its optimal development – making indoor cultivation the favorable choice. Yet despite her unforgiving nature, many can not forget Hermana de la Noche from Super Strains, a unique strain that many fall in love with for her cannabinoid profile. A THC content of 19% in combination with a CBD content of 4% narrows the competition drastically. Do you already miss her presence?

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Her euphoric and psychoactive effects will get you started in the morning.

Relax your nerves and find more clarity with the Hermana de la Noche from Super Strains. Hermana de la Noche is a hybrid with sativa dominant genes and she reaches considerable heights under the right conditions. Although its productivity is very high, both indoor and outdoor growers will have to have a little patience, as she will be ready for harvest in about 12 weeks. But we guarantee it is worth the wait. You can expect about 600-650 grams per m2 of impressive buds, which are both tasty and aromatic. The effect is strong and cerebral, she is reflective, thought-provoking and somewhat creative in nature. Hermana De La Noche is also a colorful cannabis strain that is filled with mostly light colors and hints of purple, blue, greens and browns. This strain is highly recommendable if you are one bit of a pleasure-seeker, looking to impress your friends.


This strain has an intensely citric flavor – often described as a blend of lemon and lime, and she comes with a distinguished and sweet aftertaste. After that first puff, smokers develop this unforgettable feeling of adoration, as she is kind and smells delicious! With THC levels around 19%, beautiful citrus flavors and the relaxing effects – this is a strain you can never go wrong with..


Hermana De La Noche is surprisingly psychoactive which makes it an ideal choice to wake up your inner creativity or to spend a long night with your closest friends. She alleviates mental fatigue and provides space for deep thinking. Her strong cerebral high will let you appreciate the beauty around you and is great for quiet relaxation and assessment of the world around you. This strain soothes your nerves and brings you in a peaceful and clear state of mind, making it a good companion for fighting depression and anxiety. It also is a great relief for those sleepless nights.


This strain is highly adaptable to indoor areas and small spaces. It’s perfect for SoG or SCRoG systems, as it’s short distance between nodes make it much easier to train. With 25 plants per square meter you can get around 650 grams per square meter. To get the best result we recommend using 7 liter pots, offering you better control against the plants stretching too much. It is very important that you keep the percentage of humidity stable between 40 and 70% to prevent rot and fungus developing. Proper ventilation is a must and installing a dehumidifier ensures that there are no problems.


Outdoors this plant grows absolutely huge, growing up to 3m tall when planted in March. Its productivity is worth the wait and its heavy buds will bend the branches if not the guardians. The total flowering period of Hermana de la Noche is 12 weeks and you’ll need to train the branches at the start of the flowering period just in case the wind gets too much for her weight. Although not a beginner strain, she does well against illnesses and pests that typically attack cannabis plants. In outdoor environments, you can get the most out of the plant’s genetics by using 20-50 liter pots by the time the plant starts to flower.


Type/køn: Feminiserede fotoperiode

Genotype: Sativa-dominant

Område: Indendørs

Højde: Op til 300 cm

Blomstringstid: > 70 dage

Udbytte: Op til 650 g/m2

THC-indhold: 19%

CBD-indhold: 4%

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