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A powerful and productive sativa dominant hybrid

Crackers is a relatively new sativa dominant hybrid strain that consists of 60% sativa genetics and 40% Indica genetics. The strain was created crossbreeding our famous Amnesia Strain with an NL#5xHaze. The result is a future champion, with beastly productivity and organoleptic properties – good enough to get into anybody’s top 5 with ease. When blessed with the right conditions, this strain will provide stunning flowers that grow tall and are drenched in trichomes. This strain grows a thick, delicious layer of resin all over the plant – a clear indication of its Afghan genes. Her bud provides smokers with a smooth yet earthy, spicy and musky taste. Crackers is a relatively easy-to-grow strain of cannabis and therefore may serve as a great choice for novice growers who are just starting out. Not only a very durable and reliable strain – it also displays an impressive resistance to both mold and pests. Crackers is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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Crackers is famous for its aromatic pallet, CBD content and productivity.

Crackers is a plant that behaves like a true Sativa; it stretches in search of light and during its 11 week flowering period – it will continue to grow while it produces an abundant yield of flowers. And she is definitely worth the wait, well known for producing generous harvests for even the most novice of growers. Crackers has a mild aroma, it’s an extremely pleasant plant to smoke, with notes of spices and earth complementing its musky flavor. The effect of Crackers is powerful and cerebral high with a balanced touch that is very relaxing and pleasant. Consumers of Crackers note a relaxing body buzz and plethora of euphoric effects. Although THC content levels reach a very respectable 16%, its 5% CBD content means Crackers is also classified a high-CBD strain.


Crackers makes you fall in love with its mild flavor as well as its earthy and spicy tones. Smokers will be delighted by the wide array of flavors that trigger their taste buds. Shortly after taking a toke of this strain, tastes of earthiness, citrus, and sweetness can easily be detected. Its flavor is both complex, with a skunk-like aftertaste that gives it a bit more body and improves its effect. The strain is known for causing dry mouth, so be sure to keep a bottle of water or juice nearby.


Having nearly equal parts of Indica and sativa genetics – this means that the strain offers a psychoactive high that targets both the body and the mind. However, the slight sativa dominance does mean the strain is more on the cerebral end of the spectrum. Upon smoking Crackers, you will experience an energetic, happy, and uplifted state of mind. This buzzy high is perfect for daytime and especially when engaging in creative projects. The energetic aspects of the high enables smokers to stay focused and alert, without the overwhelming and fatigue-inducing sensations that more Indica strains may produce. It’s perfect for activities, as you’ll preserve your mental clarity perfectly.


Crackers is a relatively easy strain of cannabis to grow and therefore may serve as a great choice for novice growers who are just starting out. Indoors she grows nice and robust; if you manage to keep the height of the lights under control! Indoor it tends to stretch with ease, so it is essential to apply high production cultivation techniques. Regardless of the method you use, the aroma that Crackers gives off is very intense, so we recommend that you install an active carbon filter to avoid annoying the neighbors. Crackers does well in both soil and hydroponics systems and flowering time is roughly 11 weeks. With 9 plants per square meter you can get an indoor yield of around 550g per square meter.


Outdoors you’ll truly enjoy watching this strain grow very tall. With enough space and under the sunlight, it is able to reach up to 3 meters high, a real monster! Crackers is a hybrid with dominant Sativa genes and grows in a classic pyramidal structure yielding up to 800 gram outdoor. Its long and thick branches can hold the enormous amount of buds that it is able to produce, however some training is recommended. The strain favors dry and warm climates and when blessed with the right conditions will provide stunning flowers that grow tall and are drenched in trichomes. Fortunately this durable and reliable strain has also displayed an impressive resistance to both mold and pests.


Type/køn: Feminiserede

Genotype: Sativa-dominant

Område: Indendørs

Højde: Op til 300 cm

Blomstringstid: 77 dage

Udbytte: Op til 550 g/m2

THC-indhold: 16%

CBD-indhold: 5%

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