Karel’s Herer Haze

Sativa effect

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Karel’s Haze x Jack Herer

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859,95 kr.
1.418,95 kr.
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Combining powerhouse varieties Jack Herer with our own Karel’s Haze has produced a very strong and potent sativa-leaning hybrid which we call Karel’s Herer Haze. This was one of those high quality crosses which felt natural from the start. The classic Jack Herer sativa has been in our mother-plant collection for quite some time now. It has the most intense citrus sativa terpene profile that we have yet encountered, alongside an open sativa bud structure and a sativa growth pattern with a thick coating of trichomes. Unfortunately, this Jack Herer mother also has a 13-14 week bloom time which we needed to reduce in the subsequent hybridisation.

When the Jack Herer was crossed with our best selling Karel’s Haze the bloom time of the resulting Karel’s Herer Haze was nearer 10-11 weeks. Much more manageable for the home grower! This is a winning cross which takes the best from each carefully selected, THC loaded, parent. The plants have a clear 75% sativa content with an active, creative high. Karel’s Herer Haze plants are medium/tall in height, with large blooms. The terpene profile can be intensely citrus, with gassy/fuel elements. It’s an unusually aromatic blend of gassy and hazy citrus fruitiness which produces a smooth vape/smoke with several delicious layers of flavour. With a powerful psychoactive effect you feel instantly relaxed. The Haze influence enhances your creativity, with a long lasting and unusually powerful high.


Type/køn: Regulære

Genotype: 25% Indica / 75% Sativa

Område: Indendørs

Højde: Medium/høj

Blomstringstid: 70-84 dage

Udbytte: Stort

THC-indhold: Højt

CBD-indhold: Lavt

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