Bruce Lemon Diesel

Feminized photoperiod

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Lemon OG x Bruce Banner

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Why should I buy Bruce Lemon Diesel feminised seeds?

Bruce Lemon Diesel has a very intense and pungent Diesel dominant aroma and taste. She is sour and citrus dominant with peppery tones of Kush and gas This is a vigorous 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain with strong and sturdy branches. It grows fast both during the vegetative phase as well as the flowering phase and is very suitable for a SCROG grow Bruce Lemon Diesel produces big and chunky flowers, she is known to produce a very large yield. The buds are covered in a thick layer of trichomes and she has a high cannabinoid profile with THC levels of around 20-25%. It’s the combination of potency, terpenes and yields that make this strain a winner. You can expect a very potent effect, the high hits fast and will give you a powerful mental and a physical relaxation.

Bruce Lemon Diesel has an intense and pungent diesel aroma and taste, the sweeter and sour citrus tones are accompanied by peppery and kushy tones making this a great strain for terp lovers

Bruce Lemon Diesel is a cannabis variety that is loved for its intensely pungent diesel aroma and taste. The Bruce Banner genetics ensures the strong diesel influence in this terpene profile. Crossing with our original Lemon OG made sure the diesel terps are accompanied by some citrus dominant lemon kushy tones. She smells exactly the way she sounds. Citrus infused gas! A diesel dominated aroma with peppery and sweet undertones. It’s definitely a powerful and penetrating aroma. The taste is slightly similar to the aroma, with mostly sour, citrus diesel tones. There are some phenotypes that can express a more earthy and kushy character but these will be hard to find. Most plants will express a sour sweetness on the inhale and a gassy, metallic diesel taste on the exhale. A very special smoke, tasty and incredibly strong.

Bruce Lemon Diesel is a tasty variety with an extremely rare potency level of more than 25% THC in optimum conditions

Bruce Lemon Diesel is a potent and tasty variety. This one is for the terp lovers out there. Expect a multilayered terpene profile that will capture your senses! The potency of this strain is really out of this world. When it comes to THC levels, our Lemon OG was already well over the twenties and crossing it with Bruce Banner has made it even stronger. This is a variety with an average THC-level of around 20-25% THC. When grown in optimum condition by professional growers you can even go well over the 25% THC for the frostiest phenotypes!

What kind of genetics are there in Bruce Lemon Diesel?

Hot stuff from the USA! Bruce Lemon Diesel was created by crossing our Lemon OG with the legendary Bruce Banner. The best of the nineties meets the twenties! This strain develops hard dense buds/nugs in generous quantities, great for commercial growers! The Diesel genetics come from Bruce Banner, ensuring a heavy Diesel aroma but with sweet fresh undertones. This hybrid strain is roughly 50/50 indica/sativa. The Lemon OG genetics contributes some fresh lemon tones and a hard hitting high. Expect a peppery, citrus, Diesel aroma and a very potent effect!

Bruce Lemon Diesel is a hybrid cannabis strain with dense nugs that pack the power of a very high THC content, her flowers are big and the yield is large

Bruce Lemon Diesel is a hybrid cannabis strain that comes close to a 50/50 hybrid (indica/sativa). It is the perfect mix of a Sativa leaning Bruce Banner phenotype and an Indica dominant Lemon OG pheno. The combination of these two genetics has ensured a strong hybrid that expresses itself as a powerful strain with hybrid vigour. She grows like a boss and in flowering it is not unusual if plants more than double in size. You can even see a vigorous growth pattern during the vegetative phase. Bruce Lemon Diesel has a moderate flowering time of around 10 weeks. She mainly produces leaves with a hybrid leaf pattern with sometimes massive fan-leaves. Especially if you are doing a normal grow or a SOG these fan-leaves will soak up massive amounts of lights, increasing the rate of photosynthesis and growth. You can also grow this variety in a SCROG. She is known to develop strong and resilient branches that can be manipulated to restrain her height.

During flowering you will see why Bruce Lemon Diesel has become such a quick customer favourite. Her branches get filled with big round cola’s, the flowers tend to get heavy and large. Most of these buds have a very good calyx-to-leaf ratio which makes them a blessing to trim and manicure. The heaviest yielders could use some support during the latter part of the flowering phase. Because the flowers get thick and chunky the branches seem to collapse under their own weight at the end of flowering.

There are some phenotypes that will foxtail, these plants have a little more Sativa genes in them and besides getting very long cola’s they also get a heavy frost coverage. Most buds get covered in beautiful orange pistils and together with the dense layer of trichomes this gives the buds a nice bag appeal. Most sugar leaves get completely covered in sticky resin and these are very useful to make your own kief, hash or other cannabis concentrate.

She has a medium to high stretch for about 2 to 3 weeks after switching the clock to 12/12. Most plants start showing flowers already in week 3. Her plant structure is medium to large, most plants have a decent stretch, and you can expect the plants to reach around 75-125cm on average. The internodal distance is short to medium. The flowers can grow into long and massive cola’s, even on the side branches. She can be topped and ‘fimmed’ if you want to have a bushier structure.

The genetics used to create Bruce Lemon Diesel guarantee the following traits:

• A vigorous hybrid cannabis variety that will grow fast both during the vegetative and flowering phase.

• Bruce Lemon Diesel has a medium to large stretch, her branchy structure make her an ideal candidate to grow in a SCROG.

• She is not a difficult plant to grow, her sturdy branches can easily be manipulated. You can use bending,cropping, supercropping techniques to keep her height under control. Her thick flowers can use some support at the end of flowering though.

Bruce Lemon Diesel produces big chunky flowers with a high yield. Her buds are covered in sticky resin and the THC-percentage will be around 20-25% on average, it’s a very potent bud that is strong enough even for the hardcore smokers

Effects of Bruce Lemon Diesel

Bruce Lemon Diesel is a powerful hybrid strain with a fast-hitting effect. The high hits you hard and quick. It is a mind-blowing effect with uplifting and euphoric tendencies which will eventually settle into a more physical feel-good high. It will induce a strong body stone shortly after the initial mental aspects. This strain offers fantastic creative and medical effects. The powerful high is incredibly euphoric, uplifting and relaxed. But Bruce Lemon Diesel is also great for pain relief and is a perfect way to lift your spirits if it’s been a tough day. Initially the effects are uplifting and euphoric. After a while you feel a strong body stone, any stress you may have is rapidly replaced by a blissfully relaxed feel-good vibe. This combination of a head-high and a body-stone makes this a great strain for daytime use. Be careful with smoking a large dose, because the powerful effect is known to wipe out your day!

Bruce Lemon Diesel flowering time

Bruce Lemon Diesel is a solid Sativa/Indica hybrid cannabis variety with medium to large stretch during flowering. Her average flowering period is around 10 weeks from the moment the light cycle has been reduced to 12 hours per day. Like any new hybrid there are several phenotypes to be found, with some slightly shorter plants, the Lemon OG dominant pheno’s. And some slightly larger plants, the Bruce Banner dominant pheno’s. In general, it’s a vigorous hybrid with giant buds and a high potency level. Bruce Lemon Diesel has been bred as an indoor variety. Due to her relatively longer flowering period of around 10 weeks she is not suitable to grow outdoors in temperate climates. We would only recommend growing her outdoors in a dry and sunny outdoor environment. She might take until the end of October/beginning of November to be completely ready for the harvest.

The yield from Bruce Lemon Diesel

Bruce Lemon Diesel has a very large yield of around 500 g/m2. When grown in a SCROG, even higher yields are possible. Especially if you grow her with sufficient light from top to bottom. Being close to a 50/50 hybrid she can throw down some epic yields when grown in optimum conditions by an expert. Yields of more than 600 g/m2 are then possible. Most plants will average somewhere between 75-125cm, of course depending on the length of the veg period. Outdoors plants can reach between 3-4m in height. She likes to be grown in big containers with enough root space for her to thrive. Yields of more than a Kg of dried buds per plant are not difficult to achieve if you grow her in an extremely sunny and dry climate. She can also be grown in a SCROG outdoors. Netting is advised to keep the buds from collapsing under their own weight during the end of flowering.

Advice from our experts

Bruce Lemon Diesel is a powerful grower and loves intense light levels. Make sure to give her enough room to grow and flower. A big container will help her root system to develop well. She has a vigorous growth period and a solid stretch during flowering. She grows well under strong (LED)lights. This, in combination with the SCROG technique, will give the highest yields. Most plants become covered in sticky resin. In case you want to have an even larger trichome coverage we recommend putting her in the dark for the last 2 days. This will increase the stickiness of the buds. You can also reduce the daylight hours to 10 instead of 12 during the final week. This will also gradually stop the formation of any new foxtails on the buds. Furthermore, we recommend the use of UVA/UVB grow lights in order to pump up her cannabinoid profile to the extremes. In a stable growing environment, managed by a skilled grower, THC levels of more than 25% are possible to achieve.

Information about Bruce Lemon Diesel

With stable 20%+ THC levels from both the Bruce Banner and the Lemon OG you can expect top shelf harvests every time. This green giant uses prize winning genetics to provide you with consistently heavy yielding plants. This in combination with the unique terpene profile makes you want to grow it time after time. Enjoy America’s finest now!


Type/køn: Feminiserede

Genotype: Indica/Sativa-hybrid

Område: Indendørs

Højde: 75-125 cm

Blomstringstid: 70 dage

Udbytte: 500-600 g/m2

THC-indhold: +25%

CBD-indhold: Lavt

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