Moby Dick

Feminized photoperiod
Sativa effect
High Yield

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Haze x White Widow

Moby Dick is a premium feminised Sativa-dominant collectible cannabis seed. It has already proven itself since its creation more than 15 years ago by the Spanish seed bank Dinafem Seeds. The original Moby Dick is now available in our catalogue for your greatest pleasure. You will be amazed by the power and XXL production of your favourite whale.

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Structural development

Moby Dick is a cannabis plant resulting from a cross between Haze-dominant Jack Herer and White Widow, in other words, two superstars of the Dutch coffee shops of the 1990s. Moby Dick is a cannabis strain that needs to be given a fair amount of space, both in height and width, to show its full potential. When cultivated, Moby Dick collection cannabis seeds produce plants with the following characteristics: – large size; – large distance between nodes; – “Christmas tree” structure, very robust. As you will see, they offer a fabulous production of compact, thick and heavy cannabis flowers. Finally, these plants are known to have a high level of resistance to mould and various pests.


Moby Dick is a cannabis strain known for its spectacular production levels (up to 650 g/m2 indoors and up to 1500 g/plant outdoors), which is its major added value. It is a Sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid that needs rich fertilisation to give you the best results. Both indoors and outdoors, she performs at an unprecedented level. Most of you may have experienced her high level of yield when she was under the flag of the famous brand with feminised dynamics. The pretty whale offers a reliable and unrivalled standard of quality, producing flowers of breathtaking size, weight, density and resin quantity.

Aromas and flavours

Moby Dick is a cannabis hybrid that also has a lot to offer. The aroma profile is complex and intense, with notes of lemon, spice, incense and cedar. The Haze influence stands out and is slightly dominant. It brings nice subtleties to the whole. That’s why King Kush, its creator, said that the finished product from the Moby Dick collection cannabis seeds reminded him of “the smell of old church pews”. Moby Dick is a collectible cannabis seed that has won over many discerning growers, partly because of the premium organoleptic impression it has left on them.


Moby Dick is a cannabis strain that is also very popular in this respect, as it produces a very strong Sativa effect. It produces a strong psychoactivity, being almost psychedelic and narcotic for a long time. By growing Moby Dick collection cannabis seeds you can take advantage of her appetite stimulating ability, which is a special trait inherited from White Widow. Moby Dick is a collector’s cannabis seed that has the potential to be a great ally for legal medical cannabis producers, thanks to its stable content of active ingredients, its production level, as well as its resistance to pathogens and insects.


Type/køn: Feminiserede fotoperiode

Genotype: 40% Indica / 60% Sativa

Område: Indendørs

Højde: Op til 350 cm (udendørs)

Blomstringstid: 60-70 dage

Udbytte: 650 g/m2 (indendørs) 1.500 g/plante (udendørs)

THC-indhold: 17-22%

CBD-indhold: 0,01-0,2%

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