L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto

Feminized Autoflowering
Indica effect
High Yield

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L.A. Vanilla Cake x Wedding Cake Auto

L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto is a premium feminised Indica-dominant autoflowering collection cannabis seed. She is in fact the autoflowering version of the prestigious L.A. Vanilla Cake. The result is a next generation auto hybrid of spectacular quality that perfectly reflects all the organoleptic qualities of her feminised predecessor.

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187,95 kr.
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Structural development

L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto is an autoflowering cannabis strain with all-round qualities. The ultra premium quality of the organoleptic sensations she produces are close to those of a gourmet dessert. Her genetic stability as well as her vigour and speed of development are characteristics you will appreciate. When growing the L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto collection cannabis seeds, we see the development of a cultivar with a structure similar to a miniature Christmas tree, consisting of a main stem and multiple secondary branches. L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto is a cultivar with a structural growth that suggests a high production level. This is a dominant characteristic of her stunning genetic line. What else?


L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto is a premium autoflowering cannabis plant, able to offer you generous harvests, thick compact flowers (up to 600 g/m2 indoors and up to 250 g/plant outdoors), with an impressive trichome resin production. The L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto collection cannabis seed offers the passionate collector, but also any legal cannabis producer, the possibility to obtain a finished product with a very high quality standard, and thus to benefit from an excellent economic viability.

Aromas and flavours

When growing L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto collection cannabis seeds, you will find all the richness and delicacy that comes from her aromatic and taste properties. You will find the presence of sweet notes of vanilla cream pie, ripe fruit and meringue, mixed with fresh and earthy floral nuances. L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto is an automatic cannabis hybrid that faithfully respects the premium organoleptic sensations of her feminised counterpart. Silent Seeds, the creator of the finest cannabic emotions.


L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto is an autoflowering cannabis hybrid that produces a typically Indica feel, perfectly in tune with the genetic lineage from which she comes. The cannabis strain L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto will provide you with a pleasant, deep, long-lasting, and overall intense moment of relaxation. The L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto collection cannabis seed will make you share moments of happiness and joy, to the rhythm of your wildest desires.


Type/køn: Feminiserede autoblomstrende

Genotype: Indica-dominant

Område: Indendørs, udendørs & drivhus

Højde: 80-130 cm

Høsttidspunkt fra frø: 80-90 dage

Udbytte: 500-600 g/m2 (indendørs) 100-250 g/plante (udendørs)

THC-indhold: 17-20%

CBD-indhold: 0,01-0,2%

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