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The feminised version of Triton Biscotto Lime is a hybrid that’s been blessed with a 5-star lineage. Therefore, there was no doubt that we had to include this jewel in our Seedstockers Superior category, where we group all those strains that, for one reason or another, stand out above the rest.

This is a cannabis gem born from the cross of two Californian heavyweights: Oreo Mintz and Lemon Tree. The result of this union is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid that produces massive yields of dense and tight buds.

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A Cali flavour with the wow factor

In an established market like the one that exists today, it’s become increasingly difficult to surprise the public with truly special strains. We are aware that the decade-long work carried out by the different breeders has set the bar extremely high. That’s why we’re incredibly proud to present a variety of the calibre of Triton Biscotto Lime Fem. Not only is she the result of the cross of two top strains that are all the craze right now, but she also musters a series of qualities which have positioned her in our catalogue of unique cannabis gems: Seedstockers Superior.

Triton Biscotto Lime Fem is a hybrid that fuses together the flavours of freshly baked pastries and citrus and diesel notes. A unique terpene profile that has captivated even the most demanding of palates. This premium aroma goes hand in hand with a massive yield of ultra-compact buds which produce an energetic and exceptionally pleasurable effect. If you’d like to try the latest from the West Coast, then you cannot miss this beauty that has already taken the whole planet by storm.

Sativa soul, Cali flavour

American strains have conquered the market thanks to their exotic flavours. And there’s no doubt that the aromatic profiles of cannabis are unique in the plant kingdom, as they contain a higher number of terpenes. Therefore, marijuana genetics never cease to surprise us with new families of flavours that could never have been imagined before. This is the case of the Cookies lineage, which once again demonstrated that the cannabis industry still had much more to offer. These are varieties with creamy and sweet tastes that broadened the palette of cannabis flavours.

Our Triton Biscotto Lime Fem originates from this incredibly special aromatic family. This is a cannabis seed that has earned a privileged position in our catalogue. Let’s see why.

Where do Triton Biscotto Lime Fem’s seeds come from?

When our breeders devised this strain, they had in mind to create the perfect cross between two of the genetics that were all the rage at Californian dispensaries.

On the one hand, we selected Oreoz Mintz, one of the crown jewels of the new Girl Scout Cookies generation that has become the latest cannabis trend on the American West Coast. A hybrid with a potent sedative effect that has delighted those with the sweetest of teeth, as her flavour is reminiscent of a freshly roasted marshmallow, with some hints of chocolate and diesel that transform her into an irresistible drag.

In reality, the hardest part is to find this powerful hybrid in seed format. That’s why, when we finally got hold of an Oreoz Mintz elite clone, we knew we had ‘a duty’ to cross it with a heavyweight at the height of her lineage.

With this objective in mind, we selected the other parent: nothing less than Lemon Tree. They say the apple (or, in this case, the lemon) doesn’t fall far from the tree. This cross of two of the most awarded genetics in America (Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel) has inherited that classic and piercing Skunky flavour, this time combined with aromas of sour lemon and diesel. A fusion that has turned Lemon Tree into a truly unique and highly demanded strain.

Our Triton Biscotto Lime Fem derives from the cross of these two powerful genetics. This is a strain that musters the best features of her parents, resulting in a truly special terpene profile, incredible yielding capacity, and remarkable genetic stability.

Organoleptic properties of Triton Biscotto Lime Fem

The aroma of Triton Biscotto Lime Fem is the perfect choice for Cookies’ fans wanting to try a ‘finer’ flavour. This strain has been described by many as having a ‘delicatessen aroma’, because she combines the famous bakery taste with earthy undertones (a Girl Scout Cookies trademark) with citric and gas nuances. A mix that adds a fresh and distinctive touch to that sweet and creamy flavour, making it much lighter.

What’s Triton Biscotto Lime Fem’s flavour like?

Some strains have become legendary for their distinctive flavour, which in many cases is unusually intense. Genetics like Super Skunk Fem or BCN Critical XXL Fem certainly don’t go unnoticed and are extremely well known for their powerful terpene profiles. But even though it’s easy to fall in love with these distinctive flavours, their strength means that they can also become tiring in the long run.

Our technical team wanted to create a Cookies flavour for gourmet palates, so they decided to add Lemon Tree’s refreshing tones of sour lemon and diesel to Oreoz Mintz’s sweet and earthy base.

The result couldn’t have been any better: Triton Biscotto Lime Fem has a flavour that you’ll never get bored of, and which is reminiscent of a delicious cookie dessert on a citrus base. The taste of this strain is truly addictive… We can guarantee that whoever tries it always goes back for seconds!

Psychoactive effects of Triton Biscotto Lime Fem: a bridge between two worlds

The flowers of this American queen ooze a delicious perfume that’s similar to lime, but with added caramel nuances in the live plant. This becomes much rounder after the buds have been dried and cured, turning into a bakery aroma with a sour lemon background… so exquisite that you’ll almost want to sink your teeth into them!

Her buds are extremely dense and compact, and are completely glazed with crystallised trichomes, which is the reason why the flowers of Triton Biscotto Lime Fem fly from the shelves of dispensaries. This is a genuine ‘top shelf’ strain that has become the latest trend among cannabis fans.

What therapeutic effects does Triton Biscotto Lime Fem deliver?

This strain has a lot to offer to those users looking for the most therapeutic side of cannabis. Her rich terpene and cannabinoid profile helps to enhance the ‘entourage effect’ and, in consequence, the properties of both molecules.

This is the perfect plant for those people who need to take a break from stressful situations which lead to circular and ruminative thoughts. The psychoactivity produced by Triton Biscotto Lime Fem invites you to lighten the load and release the tensions of the day, creating a feeling of relief and happiness.

She can also be a good option to raise the mood, as her effect produces controlled euphoria, which can help change the perspective towards a more optimistic outlook. Therefore, she can be a good tool for those who suffer from chronic stress or are simply going through an especially difficult period in their lives.

What’s more, this variety is also recommended for the relief of more physical aspects, such as chronic pain or inflammation. Her THC levels can be an effective means for the treatment of certain ailments, such as joint pain or fibromyalgia. Even though Triton Biscotto Lime Fem is not classed as a ‘night-time strain’, she invites you on a long-lasting creative and energising journey that will leave your body with a pleasant feeling of relaxation towards the end. That’s why using this strain during the day to help release accumulated stress can become the perfect prelude to a good night’s sleep.

Morphology of Triton Biscotto Lime Fem

Despite her effect, which can be said to fall into the sativa category, the morphology of this cannabis jewel is more in line with that of indica-leaning strains. This plant doesn’t stretch much, and grows like a bush, with medium internodes.

Triton Biscotto Lime Fem grows into a plant that develops a great main cola with lots of lateral branches that become coated in buds during the flowering phase. These buds end up being remarkably large, and some growers claim that some of the lateral branches end up with yields that can rival those of the main stem… This results in an aromatic flower ‘bouquet’ brimming with resin that will make you salivate just by looking at it.

This strain likes growing in an aerated substrate, which helps accelerate her metabolic processes and in turn increases her development capacity. When grown in optimum conditions, Triton Biscotto Lime Fem can reach almost 1.50 m in height, as long as she’s grown in large pots with a generous amount of growing medium.


Type/køn: Feminiserede fotoperiode

Genotype: Sativa-dominant

Område: Indendørs

Højde: Høj

Blomstringstids: 60 dage

Udbytte: Stort

THC-indhold: 14-22%

CBD-indhold: Lavt

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