Mandarin Panties

Feminized photoperiod
Balanced effect

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Mandarin Panties marijuana seeds are the result of the union of two Cannabis Cup winners. Her genetics encompasses the vigour of Girl Scout Cookies, enhanced on this occasion by Pink Panties, which translates into heavy yields with a delicious citrusy flavour and a relaxing effect.

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Mandarin Panties

When grown indoors, Mandarin Panties Fem usually turns into a rather compact plant. However, if she gets out of hand, she can fill the grow space in no time with the help of some topping. Her sativa ancestors provide her with the more citrusy nuances as well as with a remarkable boost when the flowering is induced. Therefore, if you’re not interested in pruning, we recommend a maximum height of 25 cm so that the plants become compact and robust before they start flowering, with lateral branching pointing upwards around the apical bud.

Depending on the expression of the phenotype, it is possible to harvest plants in just 65 days from the change in photoperiod to 12 hours, especially if you’re looking for a really stimulating effect. The genetics of Pink Panties is really noticeable in the effect of Mandarin Panties: a multifaceted experience which is just as good to activate the body as it is to help you relax and eliminate all types of pain. Her pleasant taste of citrus grass and the dense smoke produced by her huge amounts of resin will lift you up by easing away the stresses of the day to help you celebrate the moment of union with this beautiful plant.

Outdoor growers will be rewarded with a plant that is extremely resistant to fungal attacks despite developing really dense flowers. For growers who live in more humid regions, an addition of silica and Trichoderma can be highly beneficial. Mandarin Panties has a long growth cycle which can lead to an amazing yield with an intense and persistent flavour. If you need to grow more discreetly, it’s worth knowing that she responds really well to topping.

Her branches are usually short but grow thick and strong, and are the perfect spot for dense, super sticky pyramidal buds to develop. Outdoors, Mandarin Panties Fem reaches her full potential when grown until late September / early October in the northern hemisphere, and late March / early April in the southern hemisphere, developing a high presence of terpenes as well as a high level of active substances.


Type/køn: Feminiserede fotoperiode

Genotype: Indica-dominant

Område: Indendørs

Højde: Medium

Blomstringstids: 56-63 dage

Udbytte: Stort

THC-indhold: 23-26%

CBD-indhold: Lavt

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