Atomical Haze

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Atomical Haze – the best landraces in the world brought together in one explosive sativa, a big yielding haze made to make the connoisseur’s mouth water.

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Superior Legend… Expect nice big buds with Atomical Haze, because this sativa dominant strain combines the best landraces from around the world together in one explosive plant.

This is one of our new generation strains and is our twist on the classic choice of the connoisseur. Atomical Haze combines original Haze (sativa genetics from Colombia, Mexico and Thailand) with an Indian classic sativa and a sweet Afghan indica. This hybrid mix has created something quite special – a big yielding sativa dominant plant that is built to perform.

Atomical Haze is an exotic 80:20 sativa/indica three-way hybrid of Original Haze crossed with an Indian sativa and an Afghani indica. The result is a full bloodied Haze with noticeable tweaks to the well known genre. For example this is a plant that does not grow so out of control as other Hazes, with branch growth that is characterized by big sized buds.

This strain took the 1st place sativa category at Canada’s Treating Yourself Marihuana Cup, thanks to its sweet and sour flavor with a beautiful hazy aftertaste. The intense Limonene induced sweetness of the fruity aroma, with just a hint of Haze, is evident during the grow stage. However, once dried is when the flavor really comes to the foreground with a super sweetness to the buds, balanced with a pinch of sourness and fine hazey aftertaste.

Difficulty Level: Medium – Difficult

Indoors: This plant wants to grow, like all Hazes, but it is less urgent than most. Best grown from seed to flower indoors, the big buds are a dream to trim and can be plucked off the plant like ripe fruits when harvest time comes. With its impressive growing potential indoor and appetite for nutrients, with the right management and some attention to training experienced growers will appreciate that just two of these plants have the potential to yield the same as four or five of similar varieties.

Outdoors: Plants grown from Atomical Haze cannabis seeds will soar, growing big and strong in sunshine. A relatively late harvest time (end of October) in the light cycle of the northern hemisphere, the sativa element will nevertheless give some protection from mold. However, it is gardeners in southern regions that will most benefit from the growth potential of Atomical Haze as this plant loves the sunshine – some specimens reach a height of 4 meters!

This plant is characterized by a high calyx-to-leaf ratio. Unlike many sativas, Atomical Haze cannabis seeds produce a plant which is known for its particularly large buds. The bud production is really very impressive – buds are dense and fat and extremely resinous.

Recreational: Strong and clear, this bud produces a long lasting effect that is better suited to daytime use. It is renowned for being incredibly energetic, with a noticeable impact on the body as well as delivering a very clear and vibrant effect for the mind. Long lasting power is also a recognized attribute of this strain. As a result, this is definitely a get-up-and-go cannabis strain – an energy filled companion through the day that is also perfect for socializing with friends or hitting the town after dark.

Medical: The energizing effect is savored by medical users with conditions where chronic fatigue is a feature and is also good for appetite stimulation.

Suitable for growing outside between 55º n.L. and 55º s.L., ., Atomical Haze plants will finish at the end of October outdoors (n.L.), while indoor finish time is 9 weeks. Estimated yield is 450 g per m² indoors / 800 g per plant outdoors.


Type/køn: Feminiserede

Genotype: 20% Indica / 80% Sativa

Område: Indendørs

Højde: Høj

Blomstringstids: 63 dage

Udbytte: 450 g/m2

THC-indhold: 20%

CBD-indhold: Lavt

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