Auto Cannabis Light

Feminized Autoflowering
CBD strain

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Amnesia x Blueberry

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This strain has been created for those who want to use cannabis, but without having the high/stoned effect that you get normally with other types of marijuana.

In this case, the CBD is king, allowing for a large selection of relaxing uses.

This is the autoflowering version of the Cannabis Light, ready in about nine weeks from germination to harvest.

The plant offers medium productivity and a very high ratio of CBD:THC, so after enjoying the pungent taste of sandalwood you won’t be KO, just more relaxed.

Perfect for those who are seeking relief but without a high.


Type/køn: Feminiserede autoblomstrende

Genotype: 5% Indica / 75% Sativa / 20% Ruderalis

Område: Indendørs, udendørs & drivhus

Højde: Ikke oplyst

Høsttidspunkt fra frø: 63 dage

Udbytte: Op til 60 g/plante (indendørs) op til 120 g/plante (udendørs)

THC-indhold: < 1% CBD-indhold: 12-15%

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