West Coast OG x Gelato Auto 41

Feminized Autoflowering

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This particular cross is a combination of the great classic OG Kush and the now legendary strain Gelato #41, in auto-flowering version. Easy to grow and with great characteristics, this plant will please any grower, from beginners to advanced.

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299,95 kr.
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The effects involve both body and mind, leaving a feeling of relaxation and muscular alertness, not to mention the characteristic mental high of OG Kush. The flavor is citrusy, piney, earthy, creamy and gassy.

The plant is short, compact and with good number of branches and it has a long internodal space, characteristic of OG Kush. Indoors, this plant can produce up to 500g/m2 if grown correctly, with a height of 80/110 cm. Outdoors can produce up to 80/100g per plant.

The flowers of this strain are compact, covered in trichomes, and with a dark green color.

The most expressed terpenes are β-Caryophyllene, Linalool and D-Limonene.


The complexity of this strain makes it the perfect way to start the day and continue it with a smile. Strong but well balanced effect.


Type/køn: Feminiserede autoblomstrende

Genotype: 80% Indica / 10% Sativa / 10% Ruderalis

Område: Indendørs, udendørs & drivhus

Højde: 80-110 cm

Høsttidspunkt fra frø: 63 dage

Udbytte: Medium (indendørs) 100 g/plante (udendørs)

THC-indhold: 22%

CBD-indhold: 0,3%

CBN-indhold: 0,1%

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