Black Haze Auto

Feminized Autoflowering
Sativa effect

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((Sir Jack x Skunk Auto) F6 x P.C.K )F5

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Black Haze, a spectacular hybrid cannabis strain, was formed by combining two well-known cannabis strains: Sir Jack Auto and Pakistan Chitral Kush. This resulted in the creation of the Black Haze strain. The offspring that is produced as a consequence is singular and consistent, and it possesses both the desired qualities of its parent strains as well as its own unique qualities. The Black Haze strain was given its name due to the strong crimson colours that appear on the plant as it matures and the mystifying, hazy impression that it produces.

Appearance and aroma

The Black Haze strain is a delight for the eyes, as plants of this kind often reach heights of between 80 and 100 cm. The plants develop a stunning scarlet hue as the flowering stage advances, which allows them to stand out in any garden or grow room they are placed in. The thick buds have a layer of trichomes covering them, which adds to the aesthetic value of the plant.

The aroma of the Black Haze strain is equally alluring, exuding a prominent scent that is reminiscent of incense and being complemented by both sweet and sour undertones. The aroma could have more of a “Cathedral” incense quality to it, or it could have a more floral, fresh Kush touch, depending on the specific plant. No matter the variant, the interesting blend of aromas is certain to pique the interest of any cannabis aficionado.


The effects of the Black Haze strain are primarily cerebral and can be described as stimulating as well as uplifting. This strain is perfect for those who are looking for a mentally stimulating experience but want to avoid the couch-lock that is frequently linked with more indica-dominant strains because it has minimal affects on the body. Because the high produced by Black Haze is so well-balanced, it is an extremely flexible strain that can be used for a wide variety of activities, including socializing, engaging in artistic endeavors, or just spending an evening at home unwinding and doing nothing in particular.

Growing facts

The Black Haze strain is a plant that is not overly difficult to grow, making it an appealing choice for beginning growers as well as experienced farmers. It takes approximately 8–10 weeks to flower, regardless of whether it is grown indoors or outdoors, and it is quite adaptable. Because the plants are inherently resistant to widespread pests and diseases, the level of care and attention that they require is naturally reduced.

When cultivated indoors, it is vital to give the plants with an adequate amount of light and to maintain a temperature and humidity level that are stable throughout the growing process. Topping, low-stress training (LST), and the Screen of Green (SCROG) method are examples of pruning and training procedures that can assist maximize yields and keep plants manageable in tight places. Other techniques include the Screen of Green (SCROG) method.

When grown outside, the Black Haze strain is most successful in environments that are warm, sunny, and rather stable in temperature. To prevent the buds from being damaged by frost, it is important to ensure that the plants have access to nutrient-rich soil and a continuous supply of water, and to harvest them before the first frost of the season.


The Black Haze strain has a yield that is between between medium and high, which is a quality that was passed down from its parent strain, Sir Jack Auto. Growers that cultivate their plants indoors can anticipate harvests of roughly 400–500 grams per square meter with the appropriate level of care and attention. Outside cultivation has the ability to give even more bountiful harvests, with the potential for up to 600 grams per plant depending on the growth circumstances and the competence of the grower. Outdoor farming can yield even more abundant harvests than indoor cultivation.


The Black Haze strain is a unique and captivating hybrid that offers an array of desirable traits, from its striking appearance and enticing aroma to its uplifting, cerebral effects. With a relatively straightforward cultivation process and impressive yields, you will be delighted to try growing it.


Type/køn: Feminiserede autoblomstrende

Genotype: Sativa-dominant

Område: Indendørs, udendørs & drivhus

Højde: Medium

Høsttidspunkt fra frø: 70 dage

Udbytte: 350-400 g/m2 (indendørs)

THC-indhold: Medium

CBN-indhold: Lavt

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