Sugar Black Rose

Feminized photoperiod
Indica effect
Cup Winner

187,95 kr.568,95 kr.

Critical Mass x Black Domina

1st prize “Best Outdoor” – LA MARINA BAIXA 2010

3rd prize “Outdoor” – COPA ALACANNABIS 2010

1st prize “Best Indoor” – COPA LA MARINA BAIXA 2011

2nd prize “Best Indoor Indica Strain” – CANARIAS CANNABIS CUP 2012

2nd prize “Indoor” – SECRET CUP 2011

3rd prize “Best Indoor” – TXAPELKETA 2013

3rd prize “Best Outdoor” SPANNABIS 2014

3rd prize “Best Outdoor” – COPA ASOCIACION MF

3rd prize “Best Outdoor” – CANNARIAS SECRET CUP 2014

3rd prize “Best Outdoor” – COPA PROFESIONAL THC VALENCIA 2014

3rd prize “Best Outdoor” – THC VALENCIA 2014

3rd prize “Best Outdoor” – THC VALENCIA 2015


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187,95 kr.
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568,95 kr.
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There are genetics that need no description. And the best example to explain this phenomenon is the Sugar Black Rose from Delicious Seeds. Because of its history, its taste and because, if you are here, it is probably due to you have already come here before to buy this strain.

If we have to talk about the tastiest indicas you can try, Sugar Black Rose has to be on the list. And we are not just talking about a ranking of our marijuana strains. So let’s start with the taste (yes… we said we didn’t have to, but the truth is that reviewing the jewel in the crown of Delicious Seeds is a pleasure).

Ripe grapes, flowers, you’ll even notice a hint of skunk… So far so good. But the unique flavors are the cause of the unique strains: when you feel the sweet – spicy mix when you take the first hit, you will remember this paragraph while you smile. When you smell the buds the story starts with the sweet fruity, but… Well, you have to try this cross between Critical Mass and Black Domina ’98.

Dense, wide and low (incredibly compact) indoors, but with a great margin of development if you can give them enough space. Outdoors, it is another story: you will be surprised how much they grow (either in big pots or directly in the ground). Above all, the development of their secondary branches continues to attract our attention. Well, we buy the definition of a very discreet plant, but its production is incredible.

And well, we can talk about its effect… but we do not want to deceive you, we are going to fall short. Let’s take it easy: it is practically narcotic. Immediate and incredibly relaxing (right, we’ve already had a lot of incredible ones, but we can’t help it). Cerebral stimulation, ideal for indica lovers…

Very good, but the surprise comes when we start talking about the medicinal effect of these seeds. We are still surprised to see how many medicinal consumers buy this genetics. They constantly talk about it as a great remedy for anxiety, nausea, muscle pain, and watch out for the last section: menstrual cramps. I can’t really vouch for this, but you won’t have to do much research to see that it’s true.

Little more, if you have been here before we have little more to tell you, and if it is the first time, one last request: Click on the opinions tab just below on the right. You will see that we have even fallen short and you will not be able to avoid buying Sugar Black Rose seeds.


Type/køn: Feminiserede fotoperiode

Genotype: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Område: Indendørs

Højde: Medium

Blomstringstid: 50-55 dage

Udbytte: 450 g/m2

THC-indhold: 25%

CBD-indhold: Lavt

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