Epic Buzz

Feminized photoperiod
Balanced effect
High Yield

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Future #1 x Blackberry Moonrocks

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What would happen if we crossed two of our strongest and most aromatic strains? Two strains that have quickly become stars of the cannabis sky, delighting so many growers worldwide and making the seemingly impossible possible – producing THC levels so insanely high that you can’t believe it.

We didn’t just ask ourselves this question, of course we put it into practice. From a large pool of the strongest and most aromatic Future #1, we selected a potent female plant (with a THC level of 37.8%) with outstanding aroma and crossed it with a beautiful and particularly powerful Blackberry Moonrocks male. The resulting plants were selected for THC content, growth traits and aroma in a long-lasting and complex selection process. In our new strain, we wanted to combine the massive and unrivaled potency of our Future #1 and the typical delicious aroma of the Blackberry Moonrocks to create a strain that sets new standards. Through further backcrossing, we stabilized the desired unique genetic traits of this new strain and developed a true elite strain that just left us speechless.

After a long breeding process, Epic Buzz was finally born and the strain even exceeded our expectations, although they were very high from the start. The strain has an insanely strong potency produced by inordinately high THC levels of up to 36.5%. This makes it one of the strongest cannabis strains in the world and should therefore only be consumed by experienced users.

This strain has a super sweet, very intense and fruity taste of red berries and grapes with a slight hint of vanilla and lemon. The flavors blend into a distinctive, seductive taste experience. You can’t get enough of her taste and the smell that the dried buds give off.

The high starts out surprisingly energetic, filling the mind with an almost frenzied sense of focus and motivation. After a while, the calming effect begins to set in, you feel relaxed, the stress and negative thoughts go away, at the same time you are happy and light. A calming body high envelops you, leaving you relaxed and pain-free from head to toe.

You will feel uplifted and euphoric during this high and your mood will be upbeat. After a while your body will completely merge with the couch and you will feel weightless. With these powerful effects and its super high THC content, Epic Buzz is of particular interest to people suffering from chronic stress or anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. This strain has rock-hard, fat buds covered in an oversized layer of resin. The brilliant white crystal trichomes glitter like diamonds on the flowers.


Many plants and their flowers turn dark purple towards the end of the flowering period. Plants develop into true beauties with an extremely frosty appearance and sturdy branches crammed with thick flower clusters. In a flowering time of 8-9 weeks, the strain produces high yields of 500 g/m². Outdoors, a plant can produce up to 800g. The strain grows bushy and can be moderately defoliated several times during the growth and flowering phase to improve the light supply to the flowers. To reach her full potential, Epic Buzz needs a strong enough light or lots of sunlight. The additional use of a UVB lamp during the last 4 weeks of the flowering period (3-4 hours per day) causes an increase in the flowering quality and causes the THC levels to skyrocket.

Epic Buzz is a strain made for experienced users looking for extra high/extremely high THC levels, an intense tasty flavor and a complex cannabinoid profile.


Type/køn: Feminiserede fotosensitiv

Genotype: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Område: Indendørs

Højde: 100-140 cm (indendørs) 180-240 cm (udendørs)

Blomstringstid: 56-63 dage

Udbytte: 500 g/m2 800-900 g/plante

THC-indhold: 36,5%

CBD-indhold: Lavt

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