Zamaldelica x Kali China (limited edition)

Feminized photoperiod
Sativa effect

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Sativa/Indica hybrid of very refined terpenes and effects, which gathers countless qualities in a single plant. Zamaldelica elite (F1) x Kali China elite (F4).

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299,95 kr.
484,95 kr.
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Zamaldelica x Kali China is one of the best and most complete sativa/indica hybrids we have ever produced up to date. A next generation super hybrid which gathers countless qualities in a single plant.

It’s the fruit of a direct cross between our Zamaldelica elíte mother, sativa of great reputation that in recent years is being considered as one of the best pure sativas in the world, and our 4th generation Kali China elite, our most refined stabilized indica hybrid, which is gaining followers quickly due to the quality of its resins, effects and terpene profiles, and for its exotic and stylized hash plant expression.

Zamaldelica x Kali China has the super refined Kali China’s hash plant behaviour: compact, very manageable and very easy to grow plants, both indoors and outdoors, with very little stretching in flowering and a fast flowering time. With a sativa touch that provides more vigor and excellent branching.

Its beautiful and stylized flowers of medium size are very dense and resinous, producing a powerful, elegant and refined sativa/indica effect of prime quality, long lasting and without ceiling, with one of the most complex and intense terpene profiles in our catalogue.

Polyhybrid with a complex genetic background, which includes 4 sativas of incredible reputation and quality (Zamal, Malawi, Thai and old Kali Mist) and our exotic China Yunnan indica. Zamaldelica x Kali China is a new zenith in the breeding of our latest hybrids, enhancing our best strains to an even higher level of refinement and quality.

It can easily be grown indoors. Outdoors it can be grown up to latitude 45º.

We recommend moderate levels of nutrients for the whole cycle.


Type/køn: Feminiserede fotoperiode

Genotype: 40% Indica / 60% Sativa

Område: Indendørs

Højde: Ikke oplyst

Blomstringstid: 56-70 dage

Udbytte: Moderat/højt

THC-indhold: 21%

CBD-indhold: 0,06%

CBG-indhold: 2%

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