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Southeast asian landrace sativa par excellence. Pure sativa of between 3rd and 5th generation from the province of Chiang Mai, in northwestern Thailand.

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If we had to choose a single sativa among the genetic jewels offered by Southeast Asia, it would undoubtedly be a fine Thai like this, due to its high quality and worldwide relevance.

A traditional pure sativa from Chiang Mai in Thailand’s Golden Triangle, recently reproduced as part of our in-depth research and preservation work with this old Thai line in several of its generations, identifying and rescuing expressions that encompass the best qualities and the most emblematic psychoactive effects of classic Thai sativas.

As an authentic pure tropical sativa, the flowering of this Thai variety from Chiang Mai is long, lasting, from 3-4 months, developing in successive re-flowerings, and showing a very high resistance to humidity and botrytis-type fungi. Its bracts and trichomes swell to enormous proportions upon final ripening. It is a variety in which the majority of the population stays green right to the end even at low temperatures, although beautiful expressions of reddish Thai can occasionally be found.

In 10-15% of the population, we found more compact, robust and productive plants, faster maturing (3 months approx), with denser flowers and better adaptability to indoor cultivation, although the most interesting terpenes and effects are, in our opinion, found in the longest flowering plants (4 months) with more spiky floral structures.

Three main terpene profiles can be identified in this variety, the first and most classic Thai is fresh, lemony, woody and spicy. In the second group we find sweet, creamy and more refined floral and musky perfumes. And finally, a third group (around 5-10%) that stands out for its intense strawberrry aromas, unusual in Thai varieties.

The effects are very cerebral, with no tolerance limits and a very clean comedown thanks to its quality tropical sativa essence, and its chemotype of high THC content and zero CBD. If you search in depth, this Thai landrace offers all the effect profiles that we find in the sativas from this beautiful country: from positive, pleasant, friendly and revitalising effects (both physically and psychologically), to more euphoric and nervous effects, even psychedelic or more introspective.

Despite the (not always deserved) bad reputation of the Thai cannabis family in terms of hermaphroditism, this well-worked Thai variety that we offer you is sexually stable, with cases of problematic hermaphroditism being rare.

We hope that this new preservation work that we present to the cannabis community will please our loyal fans (who for a decade have been asking us to offer a good pure Thai again), as well as lovers of traditional pure sativas and the most purists among preservationists.

For indoor growing, due to its extreme tropical sativa genotype, we mostly recommend her for the extreme sativa lovers, for breeding projects or for seed production. We recommend 11 (light)/13 (darkness) photoperiod for the flowering indoors, in order to boost the flowering, and to avoid reflowerings or excessive stretching in early flowering. Even reduce the photoperiod to 10/14 from the second half of flowering to favor its complete maturation.

Highly recommended for SCROG, horizontal or network growing due to its excellent development in the lateral branches and its vigorous reaction to pruning.

For outdoor growing, it requires a tropical or subtropical climate in order to reach its full potential. However, it can easily be grown within latitudes of 20º-37º, where we recommend a warm and coastal climate. The use of a greenhouse is very helpful for its correct ripening in non tropical latitudes.

It requires low levels of nutrients, especially of nitrogen. For outdoor growing, it’s best to mix a good base of organic soil, rich in guano and worm casting, and then place the plants in a sunny place and leave them to grow at their own rhythm, almost without using fertilizers or stimulators.

Genetic analysis carried out on this Thai variety from Chiang Mai show that it has a relatively common genotype (given the prevalence of this type of high quality Thai genetics in the development of some of the best modern hybrids), with extremely low genetic variability, showing direct kinship mainly with other traditional Thai sativas and from other Southeast Asian countries.

If you wish to grow varieties that have the best characteristics of our Thai parental plants, but that offer much higher yields, potency, and that can be grown indoors with good results and reasonable flowering times, then we recommend our Thai hybrids such as Golden Tiger, Thai Chi or Thai x Panama.


Type/køn: Regulære fotoperiode

Genotype: 0% Indica / 100% Sativa

Område: Indendørs

Højde: Ikke oplyst

Blomstringstid: 84-112

Udbytte: Moderat/højt

THC-indhold: 10-15%

CBD-indhold: 0%

CBG-indhold: 0,41%

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